What is our divine origin and that there is after death?

"The seeker is never satisfied with what you have and know, because within it there is something that encourages free thinking Word and deed."

LSZ, The Creation.

Founder and President-for-life of the Mexican society of hermetic philosophy (SOMEFHER). 40 years as a lecturer at international level in religions compared Anatomy hides, Ceremonial magic, Kabalah, Tarot, Alchemy. Author of the initiatory Tarot books with three volumes, Kabalah, and creation. Instructor of the R.E.A.Y.A., Ritual Yorkino, Golden Dawn, Tarot, Kabalah, Alchemy and religions. Grade 33° Grand consistory, first camera Assistant Jurisdiccionado to Sup.'. Council of 33° and last grade for the Masonic jurisdiction of the United States of Mexico. Since 1974 he has participated in various positions in the great Valley Lodge of Mexico as Secretary of the great Commission of Dogma and Masonic doctrine, President of the Committee of instruction, Pri. ', Tte.'., and Grand Commander, among many others.

The existential question in humanity: are we created by God? or, who created us? We elevate ourselves and discover the truth?, they are religions existing, in line or they are different? In my book The creation, is a model of writing for those who wish to investigate and discover the immutable truth.


The Egyptian religion is carefully analyzed and we see with surprise that other religions are derived from it. Raise broader events, tickets and the religions message Jewish and Christian for being the easiest to analyze anagogicamente.


With a singular emphasis on number 666 considering written places, his origin, interpretation, ending what a number of wisdom that leads to a surprising transcendence concept. You'll find that religions are ways of lighting, but instructors who teach them are far away from the objectives that gave us the children of the gods, our parents. Science and religion can be matched and consistent if you are prepared to do so.