The Mexican Society of Hermetic Philosophy A. C., SOMEFHER, founded back in 1993, by Luis Suárez Zertuche, is a nonprofit institution, addressed to the scientific study of the so-called Occult Sciences , such as Alchemy, astrology, Theosophy, study Hermeneutic of Tarot and the philosophy of religions, most notably the Egyptian, Jewish, and Christian.


One of the main objectives of SOMEFHER, is the study of being, of the same humanity, the I cosmic always attached to tradition, we never encourage the dogma, on the contrary, most of the times we help us strictly scientific bases, are a society eclectic research. In SOMEFHER, we accept any person desirous of knowledge, there are no impediments or conditions either religion, academic, economic level or another; simply the desire to study and understand the secrets of the hermetic philosophy, is true that it is a long road, but it is safe, because we have come to have many students expressing their tunes on the metaphysical achievements of the occult sciences. is an interactive platform, which brings together original educational content with whom it works to share knowledge and make it accessible to all who wish to learn and develop their potential and achieve the great work. back


To offer to anyone who wants to learn, a wide range of knowledge in an easy and interactive, with the support of the most advanced technology.


Vision form a better prepared society so that everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential to live in abundance and fullness. Spread free knowledge to ensure that more people have the opportunity to learn. Share the knowledge generated by men and women who have reached the great work and put it within the reach of those who need it. Be the best choice of online learning for technology facilitate and allow the access to knowledge.

Luis Suárez Zertuche